Whether you are in the office, or on the go, CROWDSHARE™ offers the ability to get your message out to your Crowd with it's patented Social Media sharing platform

CROWDSHARE™ is the ideal solution for every brand in any industry that is looking for more customers. From small teams to large corporations, you can choose to post and forget, or a turn your crowd into your Advocates with CROWDSHARE™

Easy of Use

With the do-it-all business owner in mind, CROWDSHARE™ delivers a minimal, easy to use UX that allows you to save precious minutes there never seems to be enough of.

Getting Started

Create a channel by picking the plan that works best for your needs, adding your social profiles and creating a unique code! Share your unique code with the advocates you would like to share your content.

Manage Social Better

With CROWDSHARE™ you now have ability to reach not just the fans of your business page, but the fans of your influencers as well.

Select Your Image

You've already got the eye catching photos, now all you have to do is upload them to your CROWDSHARE™ channel. Your channel allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok or all 6 at once, but it's much more than JUST a Social Media Publishing tool!

Add Your Headliner

Next, add your showstopping content to let your fanbase know what it is that you are advertising. Whether it be a groundbreaking product, an earth shaking show, or just some good news you'd like to get out to your consumer base, CROWDSHARE™ gives you the tools to let people know about it!

Schedule your Post

Don't have time to sit and wait for the perfect time to post? No problem! With CROWDSHARE™, you don't have to worry about a complicated Social Media Posting Calendar. Just Set the time you want to post, and CROWDSHARE™ will post it to the Social Media Channels of your choice

Let Your Crowd Do the Rest

Select which advocates you want to publish your social media content, and watch the line at the gate wrap around the block. (It’s okay if you don’t have a gate) No need to waste hours toiling over the perfect target audience for your paid Facebook Ads, CROWDSHARE™ gets the word out, and FAST.